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Best PLC Scada Training in Delhi & Best PLC Scada Training Institute in Delhi.

Get the best Plc scada training in Delhi. TCA is popular for providing quality training and education in Delhi and we can proudly say that TCA is one of the top Plc scada training providers in Delhi. Our all Plc scada trainers are experts in the training industry. The Plc scada training we provide is designed to suit the industry standard curriculum which makes it a 100% Job Guaranteed training program offered by us.

We at TCA, provide training which is live projects based training on Plc scada which creates confidence in students. Plc scada training in TCA is all about practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Here we teach students to learn, develop as well as deploy their Plc scada projects with us. Our industrial training on Plc scada program is guaranteed with 100% job assurance. Students having Plc scada certification from TCA are able to secure jobs in MNC.

All our trainers are very experienced in their respective field. All our trainers are professional and have plenty of experience and practical knowledge which they love to share with the students. Our expert trainers will guide you throughout the training to make you get ready for your dream job.

We take full responsibility for the training of the student. We train the students from the basic level to advanced concepts with a real-time environment. By joining the best Plc scada training provider in Delhi you will get the hands-on practice and thorough knowledge of subjects. This will increase their experience and built confidence in them.

A student who joins TCA, best Plc scada institute in Delhi becomes a family of member TCA. After the completion of the Plc scada training/course and certification. They get Plc scada training with the placement solution. In this placement solution, our placement team schedule placement drives and also send students to MNCs for interviews through our references. So, the assurance of job and moderate training fee support students to achieve their goals.

Under our industrial training on Plc scada program, we train students to develop 2 Projects during the period of 6 months industrial training on Plc scada. We help students to experience the real feel of industry's working environment during Plc scada training in Delhi. During their 6 months, industrial training period they come to learn the complete phases of SDLC.

In the best Plc scada training in Delhi TCA provide the Plc scada training and certification along with the placement program. The main topics which are going to be covered in Plc scada training are Introduction to Automation,Automations Components, PLC (Programmable logic controller), Allen Bradley PLC,Programming Instructions, Scada, Industrial Automation Basics, Basic Knowledge, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Data & Communications, PLC & IntegraXor, Project overview, Project Management, Running the Project and many more.

Plc scada Training in Delhi Course Content/Syllabus

Here is our Plc scada course syllabus is given to understand the entire topics which will be covered in Plc scada. We recommend you to first go through this Plc scada syllabus properly which will enable to understand the things easily.

PLC Scada Training

PLC Course Syllabus

Introduction to Automation

  • Definition
  • Role of Automation
  • Industrial Applications
  • History of Automation

Automations Components

  • Relays
  • Switches and its types
  • Sensors
  • Control Actuators

PLC (Programmable logic controller)

  • Introduction
  • Advantages of PLC control Panel
  • Architecture of PLC
  • Functions of various Blocks that make PLC
  • Working principle of PLC
  • Memory types
  • Different types of Input/Output circuits
  • Concept of inputs and outputs
  • Concept of PLC scan cycle
  • Concept of sink and source input/ output cards
  • Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of PLC
  • Selection of PLC
  • Applications

Allen Bradley PLC

  • Allen Bradley Pin configuration and technical specification
  • Introduction to RSLinx Software
  • Introduction to RSLogix 500 Software

Programming Instructions

  • User and Bit functions
  • Timer and Counters
  • Input/Output
  • Compare Instructions
  • Compute/math Instructions
  • Move and Logical Instructions
  • File Shift and sequencer Instructions


  • Introduction to jump and label instruction.
  • Introduction to SBR and JSR instruction.
  • Forcing of I/O
  • Monitoring/Modifying Data table values
  • Hands on experience on real time applications
  • Fault finding/troubleshooting and documentation
  • Interfacing proximity sensor with PLC
  • Interfacing with Relay


  • The basic rules
  • Comparison of relay ladder diagrams
  • The concept of the 'scan' and how to apply it
  • Infinite fan-out
  • Contact 'normal' states
  • Positive and negative logic
  • Basic Boolean functions
  • The usefulness of DeMorgan's Law
Scada Course Syllabus
  • Introduction
  • Industrial Automation Basics
  • Basic Knowledge
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Data & Communications
  • PLC & IntegraXor
  • Project overview
  • Project Management
  • Running the Project
  • Graphical Animation
  • Inkscape SAGE
  • Web Buttons
  • Slider Movement
  • Visibility
  • More Animations
  • Server-side Scripting
  • Client-side Scripting
  • Many side scripting
  • Inkscape SAGE Script
  • HTML Basics
  • Communication through DDE/OPC/DIRECT driver
  • Database
  • Various other related properties


  • Components of a SCADA control system
  • Software - design of SCADA packages
  • Configuration of SCADA control systems
  • Building the user interface
  • Connecting SCADA and PLC controls to other hardware
  • SCADA control system design
  • The Twelve Golden Rules

Why Choose TCA for Plc Scada Training in Delhi

  • TCA has highly experienced and qualified professional trainers.
  • Learn Plc Scada training with hands-on practice in a real environment.
  • TCA's best Plc Scada training in Delhi provides job oriented course's syllabus.
  • TCA provides Live project-based Plc Scada training in Delhi.
  • TCA's Plc Scada training in Delhi is designed to suit the industry standard curriculum.
  • Authorized Plc Scada training Certification.
  • Fast Track classes are also available with best course fees.
  • TCA training institute in Delhi provide well-equipped lab facilities and decent infrastructure for Plc Scada training.
  • Our best placement solution for job assurance.
  • TCA's Plc Scada training center in Delhi provide Plc Scada training training in weekdays as well weekends.
  • At TCA, the best training company in Delhi we facilitate students with updated modern I.T technology and best learning environment.
  • We provide our own books editions which are designed to make the learning more easy and efficient.
  • Our labs have big screens and projectors which makes learning quite interesting.

TCA's Trainer's Profile for Plc Scada Training in Delhi

  • Our trainers are experts in Plc Scada training technology.
  • Our trainers are highly experienced and mastered the Plc Scada training technology.
  • Our trainers know the demands of today's industry so they provide the training considering the industry competitions.
  • Our trainers have different important post working as an employee in Bank of America,
  • Our trainers have long teaching experience so they teach the students according to their level.
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Hi This is pooja. I joined TCA for SAP MM Training. Rajeev Sir is very experienced trainer there, he solved my all queries regarding this. Placement cell is also good they placed me in Sky Jumper.

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