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Best Data science using Python Training in Delhi | Best Data science using Python Training Institute in Delhi

Data Science has become one of the top rated and demanded field of study these days as well as being into a multi-disciplinary field data science has emerged as the highest paying job roles in the IT Industry. Data Science actually deals with various concepts to solve the problem of data mining or big data. It actually involves many concepts like statistics, data analysis, machine learning and data visualization as a whole to perform one set of tasks.

The way we see a rise in the field of machine learning and AI can also be one of the factors for a substantial rise in demand of data scientists these days.

We here at TCA provides Master in Data Science Course which includes 6 modules as a major part of data science, machine learning & AI training they are as follows:

  • Python
  • Statistics & MySQL
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing

However, one can also learn data science using R or SAS as programming but we see a dramatic boom for learning Python for data science, machine learning or AI is because of its rich set of libraries, simplicity, an abundance of support as well as an extensive set of open-source frameworks availability.

Under our data science training in Delhi course, one comes to work on 6 real-time projects such as Sentimental Analysis, Face Recognition, Bank Note Analysis, Rental Car Sharing, Handwriting Recognition, and Chabot Development.

Our Data Science syllabus includes: Introduction to data science, Understanding of Statistics & MySQL, Machine Learning which further includes: supervised, unsupervised & reinforcement learning as well as Ensemble Techniques; then comes Data Visualization Part which are using Matplotlib or Plotly; then comes deep learning which also includes all that modules of machine learning as well as it also includes Neural Networks, Image Processing which all are done using TensorFlow and Keras; then comes Natural Language Processing (NLP) – mainly used for ChatBot Applications are also part of our Master in Data Science Course which will be done using NLTK.

We have Industries best corporate trainers to deliver this data science course in Delhi. Under our Master in Data Science Training Program, we cover all phases of data science life cycle which involve: Business Understanding, Data Mining, Data Cleaning, Data Exploration, Feature Engineering, Predictive Modeling, and Data Visualization.

Tools & Technologies to be used during our Data Science Training:

Machine LearningScikit Learn
Data VisualizationMatplotlib/Plotly
Deep LearningTensorFlow and Keras
Natural Language ProcessingNLTK

There are various Job roles one can enter into after completion of this Data Science Course in Delhi as like: Data Analyst, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Business Analyst, Data Administrator and Data Scientist.

TCA’s dedicated placement team is there to update all learners with the latest Job Postings and also helps individuals in writing a relevant resume to match with the job profiles for them. We also conduct campus placement drives on a frequent basis to assist our students in achieving their goals after completion of data science training program.

Data science using Python Training

Data science using Python Syllabus

Introduction to Data Science

Python Training

  • Introduction to Python
  • Installation of Python framework and packages: Anaconda and pip
  • Writing/Running python programs using Spyder, Command Prompt
  • Working with Jupyter Notebooks
  • Creating Python variables: Numeric, string and logical operations
  • Basic Data containers: Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples & sets
  • Practice Assignment

Iterative Operations & Functions in Python

  • Writing for loops in Python
  • List & Dictionary Comprehension
  • While loops and conditional blocks
  • List/Dictionary comprehensions with loops
  • Writing your own functions in Python
  • Writing your own classes and functions as class objects
  • Practice assignment

Data Summary; Numerical and Visual in Python

  • Need for data summary
  • Summarising numeric data in pandas
  • Summarising categorical data
  • Group wise summary of mixed data
  • Need for visual summary
  • Introduction to ggplot & Seaborn
  • Visual summary of different data combinations

Data Handling in Python using NumPy & Pandas

  • Introduction to NumPy arrays, functions &properties
  • Introduction to pandas
  • Dataframe functions and properties
  • Reading and writing external data
  • Manipulating Data Columns

Why Choose TCA for Data science using python Training in Delhi

  • TCA has highly experienced and qualified professional trainers.
  • Learn Data science using python training with hands-on practice in a real environment.
  • TCA's best Data science using python training in Delhi provides job oriented course's syllabus.
  • TCA provides Live project-based Data science using python training in Delhi.
  • TCA's Data science using python training in Delhi is designed to suit the industry standard curriculum.
  • Authorized Data science using python training Certification.
  • Fast Track classes are also available with best course fees.
  • TCA training institute in Delhi provide well-equipped lab facilities and decent infrastructure for Data science using python training.
  • Our best placement solution for job assurance.
  • TCA's Data science using python training center in Delhi provide Data science using python training training in weekdays as well weekends.
  • At TCA, the best training company in Delhi we facilitate students with updated modern I.T technology and best learning environment.
  • We provide our own books editions which are designed to make the learning more easy and efficient.
  • Our labs have big screens and projectors which makes learning quite interesting.

TCA's Trainer's Profile for Data science using python Training in Delhi

  • Our trainers are experts in Data science using python training technology.
  • Our trainers are highly experienced and mastered the Data science using python training technology.
  • Our trainers know the demands of today's industry so they provide the training considering the industry competitions.
  • Our trainers have different important post working as an employee in Bank of America,
  • Our trainers have long teaching experience so they teach the students according to their level.
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There is no words to explain about TCA becuase TCA provided me best training & I also got placed in reputed company.

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I have done Data Analytics Training Program at TCA Training & Development. My experince was so good, trainer had deeply knowledge of particular domain. TCA has also placed me. Overall Experience is good

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SAP Expert (Sky Jumper)

Hi This is pooja. I joined TCA for SAP MM Training. Rajeev Sir is very experienced trainer there, he solved my all queries regarding this. Placement cell is also good they placed me in Sky Jumper.

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